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DnD Central / The Opera Forums backup
To my interest I have found lately a greater need to refer to the original Opera forums :rip:. However I cannot find the thread that linked to the @Frenzie backup. They are still around?
DnD Central / The Awesomesauce of having a cow
Having a cow has been the goal of ownership from time immemorial. (Heads of) cows is the root of capitalism, and the word "cattle" too originally meant "property".

The most successful mammalian species (measured in biomass), success has come at a cost. And the relationship with Homo sapiens sapiens is also up for reevaluation. Are we at last leaving the Age of Taurus, or are we reinventing it?
DnD Central / DnD entropy
This thread is on record intervals between posts at the DnD Central.
DnD Central / What's Going on in Amerasia?
What is really going on inside the vast Pacific ocean and the continents and landmasses inside and around it, Asia, the Americas, Oceania? Stay here, and find out.
DnD Central / The Awesomesauce of Globalism
This forum has had plenty threads constrained to narrow geographic regions like Eurafrica and the Americas, but not a single one for transcending those boundaries. Until now.

This thread extols the joys of a global world, how people the world over break out of their cramped nationalistic prison cells into the free soaring space of globalism.

Here we can celebrate our global interconnectedness, our mobility, our creativity,  our collective joy of life.

In this thread you too can join the world.
Forum Administration / Unsubscribe to a topic
If I post to a topic, I get subscribed to it, which is fine. That is what I want.

But somehow I've missed how to unsubscribe from it afterwards if I'm not actually particularly interested in it.
Forum Administration / Split links
This message refers to Jimbro's earlier message:

This kind of language doesn't belong here, Belfrager.

It's not needed that's for sure. But as it's the "free speech" thread, I'll try to ignore it. Not that I am condoning it though Belfrager.
Quoting it, doesn't really help matters.

Unfortunately for that reference Jimbro's message had just split. but the reference had taken no notice of that. It said
Code: [Select]
but would have needed to be
Code: [Select]
for the link to actually work, 1304 being the new thread.

In other words this would have been unbroken:

This kind of language doesn't belong here, Belfrager.

It's not needed that's for sure. But as it's the "free speech" thread, I'll try to ignore it. Not that I am condoning it though Belfrager.
Quoting it, doesn't really help matters.

DnD Central / What's going on in the DnD Sanctuary?
An overview of  thread inquiries:

What's going on geographically?

What's going on by sector?

Some awesome sauces


Good & Bad



Problems, problems, problems

Nonsense & tripe

Stupid & ridiculous
The Lounge / Happy New Zealand!
That time of the years again, when parts of the world, not just rjhowie, are living in different years. New Zealand has made the transition, soon Australia's turn. Stockholm not for a while yet. 
DnD Central / Finding the best system of government
End of nations: Is there an alternative to countries?
Quote from: New Scientist

Yet there is a growing feeling among economists, political scientists and even national governments that the nation state is not necessarily the best scale on which to run our affairs. We must manage vital matters like food supply and climate on a global scale, yet national agendas repeatedly trump the global good. At a smaller scale, city and regional administrations often seem to serve people better than national governments.

How, then, should we organise ourselves? Is the nation state a natural, inevitable institution? Or is it a dangerous anachronism in a globalised world?

These are not normally scientific questions – but that is changing. Complexity theorists, social scientists and historians are addressing them using new techniques, and the answers are not always what you might expect. Far from timeless, the nation state is a recent phenomenon. And as complexity keeps rising, it is already mutating into novel political structures. Get set for neo-medievalism.
DnD Central / The Awesomesauce with the Fashion Industry
This thread is about the impressive and illustrious industry providing suitable attires and accessories for emperors and paupers alike, its workings and its works.

From sourcing, manufacture, and logistics to data mining and marketing, this industry puts the new in you.
DnD Central / Dramatisations & Documentaries
Quote from: jax
I enjoy documentaries both for what they show as they go along and for the genre itself.

You have the British style, presented by a learned fellow in jeans walking along a beach, a meadow, a street, the dark side of the moon, whilst elucidating how the world turned out to be what it is.

Or the American style with the disembodied steroid-enhanced gravel voice (unless we're talking about Michael Moore) going through discoveries by the number until we get to the one that left the whole community of scholars, scientists, or worker termites completely flabbergasted, a discovery impeccably timed to happen right after the next advertisement break.

The journalistic variety emphasise how clandestine the program or film you're watching is. The more shaky the handheld or hidden camera is, the better the journalistic credentials.

Are there any documentaries (or dramatisations) you have found interesting, and why?
From the archive
DnD Central / Infrastructure
Do we invest too little in public infrastructure, or too much? Should we spend more on new infrastructure, or in maintaining what we got? Should old infrastructure be replaced, upgraded, removed, or saved for posterity? Who should pay for it? Who should use it? What infrastructure should we have more of and what less? Is it good for your town, country, world, even if it is away from you? Where can we find good infrastructure and where bad?
The Lounge / Random horse
Another thread was random but not, this thread is courses for horses.

Post pictures here related to horses in some way or another. 

This might be worth a try. The rules are simple: post a nice random picture or illustration.

I'll start with one for jax: the year of the horse.

<img src="">