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Otter Browser Forum / 1.0.02 (2020.12.21)
Long time no see. ;-)
A (long time overdue) minor update for stable branch.

Changes since 1.0.01:
  • optimized handling of large images for Start Page backgrounds;
  • improved validation of content blocking profile checksum;
  • updated translations;
  • some other fixes.
Otter Browser Forum / 1.0.01 (2019.01.01)
And we finally have it, first release marked as stable. :-)
Not all planned features were finished in time, but hopefully at least some of them will make it into 1.1 later this year.

Changes since last RC:
  • some enhancements in experimental backend for QtWebEngine (Blink):
    • download dialog is now shown for tab that initiated it;
    • added support for handling requests to print page;
  • many other fixes.

Missing binary packages should be available soon.
Otter Browser Forum / (Pre) RC 11 release (01.08.2018)
  • reworked handling of custom icons for toolbar entries;
  • some other fixes.

Hopefully weather won't prevent me from finishing packaging on time this time (it's way too hot recently)...
Otter Browser Forum / (Pre) RC 10 release (01.07.2018)
  • added importer for OPML files;
  • added support for abp: protocol for adding new content filtering profiles;
  • added ability to open selection as link if it matches URL format;
  • various fixes and minor improvements for Feeds reader.

And now we are out of version numbers for RCs. :-D
Otter Browser Forum / (Pre) RC 9 release (01.06.2018)
  • initial version of Feeds Reader:
    • Atom and RSS 2.0 parsers;
    • support for categories
    • ability to preview feeds before subscribing using view-feed: protocol
  • added action to take page screenshot;
  • some minor optimizations.

We are about to hit feature freeze, that means that only really important stuff can still go in, other features will have to wait for 1.1.xx.
Otter Browser Forum / (Pre) RC 8 release (01.05.2018)
  • several enhancements in experimental backend for QtWebEngine (Blink):
    • initial work on global history support;
    • added support for alternative stylesheets;
    • added support for fetching lists of search engines, feeds and links;
  • initial work on Feeds Reader;
  • several bug fixes and some minor optimizations.

Last month of development left, next RC release will mark feature freeze.
Otter Browser Forum / (Pre) RC 6 release (01.03.2018)
  • added initial version of Tab History panel;
  • some minor optimizations.

February turned out pretty busy for me, hopefully I'll have some more free time this month. :-)

Please note, we haven't entered feature freeze phase yet, so 1.0 will see some stuff, not just fixes and updates.
Next stop, RC 7, next month.
Otter Browser Forum / (Pre) RC 5 release (01.02.2018)
  • added initial version of toolbar widget for viewing downloads from current session;
  • added some new keyboard shortcuts;
  • some minor fixes.

Please note, we haven't entered feature freeze phase yet, so 1.0 will see some stuff, not just fixes and updates.
Next stop, RC 6, next month.
Otter Browser Forum / (Pre) RC 4 release (01.01.2018)
  • added new default style for Start Page by Kamil Nęcek;
  • added interface allowing to manage list of hosts using customized website overrides;
  • several bug fixes and some optimizations.

Please note, we haven't entered feature freeze phase yet, so 1.0 will see some stuff, not just fixes and updates.
Next stop, RC 5, next month (1.0 was pushed back).
Otter Browser Forum / (Pre) RC 3 release (01.12.2017)
  • added Page Information panel;
  • added support for external icons for User Scripts;
  • some minor fixes and optimizations.

Please note, we haven't entered feature freeze phase yet, so 1.0 will see some stuff, not just fixes and updates.
Next stop, RC 4, later this month.
Otter Browser Forum / (Pre) RC 2 release (01.11.2017)
  • improved support for styling tab bar text;
  • added support for deleting User Scripts in Addons Manager;
  • restored inline URLs completion;
  • added action for peeking tab contents;
  • multiple bug fixes and stability improvements.

Please note, we haven't entered feature freeze phase yet, so 1.0 will see some more stuff, not just fixes and updates.
Next stop, (Pre) RC 3, next month.
Otter Browser Forum / (Pre) RC 1 release (01.10.2017)
  • reworked toolbars:
    • added support for visibility toggle button (collapsing contents);
    • fixed unified toolbar and titlebar style under macOS;
    • toolbar visibility and location is now stored per main window;
  • improved sidebar(s):
    • added ability to add new sidebars;
    • allow to change their location by drag and drop;
  • vastly improved error pages:
    • special error pages are now used instead of SSL warning dialogs;
    • blocked content triggers dedicated error pages;
  • improved User Agents configuration;
  • added support for managing multiple proxy configurations and setting them per page or host;
  • reworked internal actions handling system allows to specify parameters for actions trigerred by keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures;
  • vastly decreased import time for large bookmark files;
  • added module for listing opened windows and tabs;
  • improved styling under Windows, Unity and macOS;
  • added new default icon theme by Kamil Nęcek;
  • item views can now allocate extra space to predefined column other than last one;
  • added action to set, reset or toggle an option;
  • global editing actions now apply to focused single and multi line text edit widgets too;
  • added ability to drop URLs onto bookmark bars;
  • spell checking is now available in other multi line text edit widgets;
  • added action to control multimedia playback rate;
  • keyboard shortcuts are now validated while editing;
  • added support for customizing F12 menu;
  • implemented "Validate Using" menu;
  • added support for configurable Fast Forward rules;
  • lots of various fixes.

Please note, we haven't entered feature freeze phase yet, so 1.0 will see some more stuff, not just fixes and updates.
Next stop, (Pre) RC 2, next month.
Otter Browser Forum / New way to create "Open with" menu
Starting with weekly #189 old actions used for adding "Open with" menus were replaced by generic Menu with parameters and options, example (open current page in external application):
Code: [Select]
"type": "menu",
"identifier": "OpenInApplicationMenu",
"urlPlaceholder": "{pageUrl}"
"mimeType": "text/html"
urlPlaceholder parameter is used to determine source of the link, currently available:
  • {clipboard}
  • {frameUrl}
  • {imageUrl}
  • {linkUrl}
  • {pageUrl}
  • {selection}
mimeType option is used to decide which applications should be listed, filtering them by supported MIME type.

Initially I've planned to drop them during migration of keyboard shortcut profiles but these three stopped working after recent overhaul of our actions system anyway...
Most likely they will be still included in that migration, when it will be ready.
Otter Browser Forum / Beta 12 release (01-01-2017)
  • greatly improved tab bar:
    • allow to detach tabs by dragging them away;
    • allow to drop URLs and tabs from other windows;
    • added option to show embedded tab thumbnails;
    • improved handling of visibility of close button;
    • tabs demanding attention are drawn using bold font;
    • improved RTL support;
    • decreased default tab padding;
    • tab text is no longer centered horizontally;
    • fixed status tip messages while rearranging tabs;
  • improved KDE5 and Unity integration:
    • added support for progress information;
    • added support for desktop actions;
  • several MacOS X specific fixes and improvements:
    • improved rendering of platform style;
    • added dock icon menu;
    • added support for listing applications associated with given MIME type;
  • added support for Windows jump list;
  • added fullscreen support for QtWebKit backend;
  • open file path is saved;
  • improved RTL support in address and search fields;
  • many other fixes and improvements.

As usual plans for the milestone got truncated...
But at least we finally got AppImage, Windows got more usable multimedia player and spell checking support.
One more thing, revived QtWebKit finally landed fullscreen support. :-D
Otter Browser Forum / Beta 11 release (01-10-2016)
  • added initial support for storing passwords:
    • support for multiple credential sets per host;
    • basic passwords management;
    • disabled by default (no encryption yet);
  • added crash reporter;
  • added support for muting tab media;
  • F12 menu now exposes all modes for Images visibility (including new option to show cached images only) and Plugins;
  • QtWebEngine backend is now capable of saving pages in MIME HTML format and as complete set of files;
  • added new toolbar visibility settings for full screen mode;
  • added new widget for showing content blocking details;
  • added ability to customize progress bar;
  • added ability to add loading progress information widgets to any toolbar;
  • various improvements in handling of content blocking profiles:
    • added new definitions and updated existing;
    • added option to add custom blocking rules;
    • profiles are now grouped by type;
  • various minor fixes and improvements.

And yes finally there is Passwords Manager, BUT for now no encryption yet (we had to postpone it due to decryption issues).
Otter Browser Forum / Beta 10 release (01-05-2016)
  • added initial support for User Scripts;
  • added Addons Manager;
  • added alternative display mode and support for optional headers for URL completion in address field;
  • many enhancements in experimental backend for QtWebEngine (Blink):
    • added support for entering full screen mode;
    • added support for content blocking;
    • added support for several missing actions;
  • several fixes and improvements in content blocking;
  • improved CMake build system (also now it is the only officially supported);
  • added new backend for storing browsing history;
  • many other fixes and improvements.

Once again, passwords manager got delayed...
Otter Browser Forum / Beta 9 release (01-01-2016)

  • added initial support for spell checking;

  • added support for selecting allowed and rejected domains for third-party cookies;

  • added support for customizing visible columns and their order in most of views;

  • added support for customizing text and icon of toolbar entries;

  • added support for adding arbitrary menus to toolbars;

  • some other fixes and minor improvements.

Yes, I know, still no passwords manager...
Otter Browser Forum / Beta 8 release (01-12-2015)

  • enhanced URL completion in address field:

    • suggest bookmarks by URL and keyword;

    • suggest URLs from history;

    • suggest searching for given string using default search engine;

    • allow to use popup with list of suggestions;

  • added new extremely flexible mouse gestures system;

  • added icons for badge in address field;

  • added FTP listing support to QtWebKit backend;

  • added SSL certificate viewer;

  • added Website Information dialog;

  • added configuration module for downloads handlers;

  • added configuration module for mouse gestures;

  • added command line option to print out diagnostic report (--report);

  • added support for configuring policy for popup windows;

  • updated style of error pages and directory listings;

  • many other fixes and improvements.

Otter Browser Forum / Weekly #100
So we finally made it to weekly number 100...
This release is also kind of RC for beta 8, which will be released today, so I'm calling for testing, to ensure that we won't need a v2 this time. ;-)
There are many changes in just this latest weekly alone, so there might be some regressions, please let me know if you find any.
Otter Browser Forum / Beta 7 release (01-09-2015)
Most important changes:

  • added support for customizing context menu;

  • added Opera notes import;

  • added initial support for auto updates;

  • added dialog allowing to decide what to do with downloaded file;

  • MDI actions are now enabled by default;

  • multiple fixes and improvements for MacOS X;

  • allow to specify default arguments using arguments.txt;

  • various minor fixes and improvements.

Known issues:

  • under Windows downloading files might lead to crash;

  • restoring existing session from previous releases might lead to non maximized tabs, you can use Maximize All to maximize them;

  • older Qt versions might cause crashes while rendering tab thumbnails, as workaround you can set TabBar/EnablePreviews to false in about:config.

Otter Browser Forum / Server moved was moved to another server, hopefully issues with blocked IP addresses etc. won't show up again.
Otter Browser Forum / Beta 6 release (01-06-2015)
Most important changes:

  • multiple enhancements in experimental backend for QtWebEngine (Blink):

    • added support for restoring tab history;

    • added support for storing cookies;

    • added support for fetching favicons;

    • added option to overwrite User Agent;

    • added support for cache;

    • added support for private mode;

    • added support for downloading files;

  • added start page (speed dial);

  • added MDI mode (disabled by default);

  • added source viewer;

  • added dropdown with list of recently typed URLs;

  • added option to disable single key shortcuts;

  • added support for notifications;

  • lots of other fixes and improvements.

Otter Browser Forum / Beta 5 release (01-04-2015)
Most important changes:

  • experimental backend for QtWebEngine (Blink), disabled by default;

  • added advanced options for cookies;

  • added interface for configuring toolbars;

  • added support for bookmark bars;

  • added Ctrl+Tab tab switcher;

  • added support for taking notes;

  • added interface to deny or grant permission to use geolocation etc. (set of available permissions depends on what is supported by backend);

  • restore tab position when restoring closed tab;

  • tabs are now drawn horizontally in vertical toolbars.