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DnD Central / Re: The comings and goings of the European Union
The answer was no. Google not required. Not like they need to. Anyone gonna stop buying Chinese products? Got something otw from China right now probably?

Russia has embarrassed itself and China would do no better. Sure a pain. Sure, pointless loss. All just Russia trying to remain relevant. China already is so no need for them to do much of anything. What's India gonna do? Try to scam them with bad grammar while trying to act official?

The US & EU should of done more to shutdown aggression when the Ukraine first asked. The only reason not to is China... There you go. Why would anything change?
The Lounge / Re: Have a Pet?
Is it the kind of puppy that can herd horses and cattle?

I sincerely hope so. Lol.

Quite the puppy.

Took me a second to get that. Hers is a girl of the times. :lol:

I've got a puppy!
A working dog or a pet?

Pit bull [aka pitty, pit, ect.] I believe they were hunting dogs(?) For holding the prey while the hunter arrived. Don't hold me to that.

Mine will be a farm dog. Isabella, like a proper southern lady. I'll call her Izzy.


Apparently I'm having trouble with pictures atm. Firstly, I lost my phone not too long back and don't yet have this one up to snuff. Secondly, having moved my pc around - its presently on 'vacation'. And lastly, she's not so photogenic rn. I've like two okay pics where she's not right next to me and minus tracer data... Seems I jumped to the assumption I'd have less trouble with this. Meh, challenge accepted now.
The Lounge / Re: Have a Pet?
I've got a puppy!

[Well shit, I guess this is little more than a placeholder until I can remove some metadata. If I don't leave it as an unfinished task I'll never remember to post :P]
DnD Central / Re: Finding the best system of economy
Gonna have to make saving the environment and treating workers good profitable somehow. Perhaps if the government took contracts based on these attributes and not just lowest bidder. Tax incentives for years compliant, tax spikes for years not. Maybe if lawmakers just quit taking corporate money and worked for the people or something. Radical idea, that last one, I know. 
DnD Central / Re: Drone Technology
That's a fair point.

There's a natural gas pumping station not too far from here that uses drones with infrared cameras to check their pipelines. They used to use a helicopter to do this at night but last year or so they seem to use two fairly large drones to do it now. The drones they use would have to have the range that would be useful in search and rescue as well. I'm sure they aren't cheap however clearly there's an advantage to a helicopter crew's cost.

Drone parts aren't bleeding edge tech and small lite drone parts are cheap and easily available. Using microphones that come with SBC kits, similar to cell phone mics, are nothing fancy and anyone thats tried to talk on one in loud conditions can probably see the problem. My phones mic, noise cancellation included, doesn't hold its weight compared to my PC's mic. Expectedly of course.

I guess my thoughts were to doing the job the best and lite low cost wasn't what I found important. Spend time cancelling sounds vibration using a low grade mic or put a better one suspended below? It's now a heavier rig, sure. bigger motors, batteries, cameras... stop me when emergency services can only buy two for the price of a chopper that they still have to crew and still can't do what the drone can do kinda thing. That's not saying I'm looking at it right. I got a little amused by the screaming in a field thing, I admit. And cheap lite drones anyone can deploy seems like a good idea when you hear it. I just think the article focused on silly aspects, mentioning dystopian sci-fi and comparing it to a dog's capabilities at the same time, while ignoring some of how it compares to what there is now and how it would fit in with examples that feel more serious. But, I'm still just arguing what an article said. 
DnD Central / Re: Drone Technology
The article covers the obvious doubts you'd have about sound detection capabilities but doesn't say much towards if it is actually a good idea. Sure, some way to search over a devastated area could be useful but is this that?

How long will it linger listening to tapping or some animal moving around before moving on to useful targets?
Will it make some noise to let people know to scream or whatever? (only to get a false positive from my first question coincidentally.)
If there's a TV left on with a horror movie playing are emergency services on the way?
Why keep the drone lite? Infrared cameras, big mics or whatever it could use to actually confirm should be on there, right? (I know, budget for the project. Just don't act like that's a positive feature.)

I'm just busting balls. I'm sure it has some benefits at flagging areas and whatnot. It's just an article. I'm sure the smarties screaming in a field that picture shows have got this. And my dumbass can't be bothered to look up anything else, assuming there is anything in English anyway.
DnD Central / Re: The Awesomesauce of having a cow
The reality of owning cows isn't so glamorous. My grandfather raised them, prompting my dad to get involved when I was a kid. I do not miss the dumb beasts. The proclivity to make a ridiculously dumb choice, even given an obviously good/easy option to just follow the herd into a fresh field full of grass, was frustrating to say the least. The dumbest horse I've ever had would still be a gifted thinker in cow society.   
DnD Central / Re: Money dumped in vast amounts for space?
 I just hope they name one Enterprise. So we can legit say The Starship Enterprise. :spock:

Edit: This last launch was lackluster, huh? I haven't got to see one blow up mid air. Missed opportunity.
DnD Central / Re: Money dumped in vast amounts for space?
You really can't ask more out of the Starship Program. Just when you think you've seen it blow up all the ways, they land one on fire and then it explodes. Pretty much Kerbal Space Program irl.